banana bread (gf, rsf)

this is delicious! i tried to have a small portion as a treat now and again, but that was blown out the window.

unless you are ok with this being made and gone on the same day, only the very self controlled should consider baking this dish.

its gluten free yes, but its better than the versions that include flour.  serve with melted butter, its an absolute banger.

while my current diet strictly doesnt allow bananas, the only carbs in this is from the banana so approx 4g of carb per slice… thats ok in moderation i reckon.

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coconut porridge (gluten & rfs free)

this is delicious, and better than oaty porridge.  coconut flour takes this to a whole new level that you just dont get from the classic oat porridge.

even if you arent gluten free, i challenge you to try this – youll rate it so much you wont go back!   i am doing low carb at the moment, so this is a perfect breakfast for that 🙂

pair it with cream and some fresh fruit (i used mango and coconut threads)

this recipe takes 5 minutes tops so its the perfect start to any day, or even a delicious snack!

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peanut butter & cacao bliss balls

i do a boot camp 5 mornings a week, and our trainer has two favourites (… that i know of) – chocolate and peanut butter.  this recipe was a happy birthday treat….. we all got some of it though!  i couldnt give it ALL away!

this is great as an after dinner snack to help with the pudding cravings, to help with the mid morning or mid afternoon slump period, or a protein hit after a gym session.

or……………………. maybe you dont need a reason at all.

get into it.   its easy to make, AND its a healthy snack that tastes awesome.

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magical mexican beef short ribs

well, braised meat is super satisfying on a cold evening… couple that with the intensity that comes with mexican spices and its a killer combo.

the gravy in this dish is earthy, spicy and mouth watering.  it takes 20mins to prep and get into the oven, and then 2 hours to cook… its such a short period of hands on time for extraordinary flavour…

its hard not to overeat on this kind of dish, but believe me, the flavours develop overnight and its definitely worth saving some of the leftovers for lunch the next day!

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raw cacao & coconut cheesecake (the “bounty” cheesecake)

inspired by the bounty chocolate bar, you get all the good flavours without any of the bad stuff.

if you are a chocolate fan, this ones for you.  the coconut provides just enough relief to chomp down on the next bite, and the next, and the next………

this ones a crowd pleaser, for sure

while its easy to make, you do need to plan in advance in order to soak the cashews.  use a springform tin 17cm x 22cm, or smaller if you want a higher cheesecake!

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pistachio crusted tuna steak, with fennel, lime, ginger aioli remoulade & fresh mint

i love experimenting with fresh tuna – its just a decadent tasting, fresh fish that because of its meatiness, pairs so well with robust flavours…

the pistachio is a take on the traditional sesame crust thats so often paired with tuna, taking the tuna in a new direction that so beautifully goes with the lime and ginger kick.

fresh mint is a must to cut through the richness of the aioli … if you dont have mint, use some fresh basil.

if you dont have inclination, or dont want to make the mayonnaise, get a good store bought one, and add the lime zest, ginger and crushed garlic to that.  just know that it won’t be as good!

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cacao, peanut butter & raspberry brownie

this is my take on an easy peesy refined sugar free brownie – and it only uses bananas to sweeten – no other sugar substitutes! how GOOD is that!!!

its SO simple to make (5 mins plus cook time!),  its decadent, luxurious and delicious…  crispy on the outside, soft and gooey in the centre, its just like normal brownies!  i hope you never go back to sugar laden cafe made brownies ever again!

sometimes when i am sitting on the couch after dinner watching TV, hubby playfully asks “wheres the pudding?”…. i can pretend i had it planned all along and say “gimme 5 babe!”

replace the raspberries with whatever is in season – or leave it out all together! its good either way.

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moroccan chicken, with basil, grilled apricot, mozzarella, toasted almonds and sugar snap peas

a roaring success.  this is easy to put together and wham bam, thank you mam, the flavour will suggest otherwise ….

the key to success on this baby is the strength of marinade in the chicken – depth is created with the touch of chilli, cinnamon and ginger, all balanced stunningly with my usual marinade faves – garlic, cumin, coriander …..

the grilled apricots match perfectly…. each bite of chicken will have you craving a slice of apricot to be on the fork too………………. so get into it.

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Raw Raspberry & Lemon Cheesecake

i made this for a dinner party, and my guests raved about it.  (i thought it was bloody good too).

this cheesecake uses fresh fruit – raspberries and lemons… so its not only part of your 5+ a day but brings a really refreshing flavour…. AND satisfying the need for something sweet! (without the guilt!)

the lemon layer is tangy and balances so beautifully with the luxury flavor that only berries provide.  as you can see, i am not at all fussy with getting the layers perfectly aligned – i like the rustic look!

huge bonus is that its a one food processor dish, no need to wash between layers, so its quick and easy to make (as long as you plan to make it the day before so the nuts get time to soak)


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a take on nachos: chipotle mince, with kumara chips, avocado, tomato and coriander salsa

nachos are a fave, aren’t they!?

here’s my take – the guilt-free version.

this dish WILL provide the satisfying “comfort” factor that comes with a plateful of spicy mince and “chips”…. but this baby is packed full of good things.  swapping out those corn chips for kumara, means you can pretty much eat as much as you like without filling that temple of yours with grease ….

(did you know that one serving of corn chips, is approx only 7 chips… AND corn chips are no better than your bought potato crisps! thats scary!)

anyway….. with this dish, i can bet on it that you won’t miss the corn chips.

try it, see for yourself.

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