aztec super seed salad with avocado & fresh lime (gf, rsf, keto, paleo)

this salad is inspired by one of the best salads i have ever had – at chi wah wah down christchurch’s terrace.  i had to try and remake it!

fresh fresh fresh, with loads of texture…the creaminess of the avocado pairs beautifully with the sour, salty asian style dressing.

high in vitamins, antioxidants and omega 3 to name only a few, this salad is a fully balanced meal in its self!

super easy to make, and it maintains its crunchy texture for a couple days after (if you manage to hold back and save some for day two!)

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pork, chilli, ginger & lime stirfry with lime mayonnaise

my biggest issue with stirfrys is that there is no variety of flavour – everything is covered in the same sauce. so i decided to tackle the problem……….. and matched this stirfry with a creamy lime zest mayo.

and boy, it all came together with perfection.

this is an awesome recipe, flavour packed and nutritious.

now cause i am low carb, i didnt serve it with rice.  but that would be a perfect addition.

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moroccan lamb with roast carrots, haloumi and mint mayonnaise

this is a delicious salad!  enough said……….

nah, i cant actually help myself….   mint is always a hit with lamb, in this recipe mint ends up in the homemade mayonnaise.  the earthiness and slight chilli hit of the lamb is perfect with the sweet roasted carrot, and yea, i just love hot cheese………… who doesnt?

making mayo is slightly technical, BUT well worth the reward of making it at home.  its much tastier and doesnt have a shit load of additives.  it also gets super quick to make as you master the talent.

if you dont want to make your own, use store bought mayo – i recommend best foods.

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coconut porridge (gluten & rfs free)

this is delicious, and better than oaty porridge.  coconut flour takes this to a whole new level that you just dont get from the classic oat porridge.

even if you arent gluten free, i challenge you to try this – youll rate it so much you wont go back!   i am doing low carb at the moment, so this is a perfect breakfast for that 🙂

pair it with cream and some fresh fruit (i used mango and coconut threads)

this recipe takes 5 minutes tops so its the perfect start to any day, or even a delicious snack!

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raw chocolate and espresso tart

a healthier take on a chocolate tart…. this is just as dark and decadent as if it were dark chocolate and double cream.

i make it then freeze  slices for removing and indulging when the family “needs” to satisfy the sweet craving… (which is pretty much all the time, so i have to hide it too…………..) i love to serve it with coconut yoghurt.

this is super easy to make, the food processor does all the work for you!

ensure you plan ahead enough to soak the cashews for a day prior – this will activate the nuts as well as ensure a beautiful consistency for the filling.

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smoked beef fillet, with asian style broth, kelp noodles and fresh veges

well, this is not only an absolutely delicious dish with heaps of flavour and textures, but its also heaps of fun.

i pre-prepared all the ingredients, and served them buffet style… it made the meal super interactive, promoting lots of conversations… and ultimately meant my guests could help themselves to what they wanted, and the quantity of each ingredient they wanted.

there is a bit of prep in the broth, but once its in the pot it just simmers happily for a couple of hours.

the beef is stunning – a quick sear of the whole eye fillet and set aside in the freezer for a couple of hours to slice later…  it does the rest of its cooking in the broth later on.  i smoked it which gave the whole dish an extra depth of flavor but you dont have to, OR use smoke essence and avoid the nuisance of going through the smoking process.

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Raw Raspberry & Lemon Cheesecake

i made this for a dinner party, and my guests raved about it.  (i thought it was bloody good too).

this cheesecake uses fresh fruit – raspberries and lemons… so its not only part of your 5+ a day but brings a really refreshing flavour…. AND satisfying the need for something sweet! (without the guilt!)

the lemon layer is tangy and balances so beautifully with the luxury flavor that only berries provide.  as you can see, i am not at all fussy with getting the layers perfectly aligned – i like the rustic look!

huge bonus is that its a one food processor dish, no need to wash between layers, so its quick and easy to make (as long as you plan to make it the day before so the nuts get time to soak)


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cauliflower, bacon, & basil salad (its a potato salad…. minus the potato)

so this one was a little weird….  i replaced potato with cauliflower in my potato salad.

potato salad aint for everyone eh, cause lets face it, cold potato is a bit weird.  but replacing it with cauliflower added a whole new dimension.

par-boiled cauliflower adds a freshness and a crunchy texture to the dish.  and yea, i would do it again!  would be a good bbq or pot luck dish.

i make my own pickles and mayo which means i can keep it clean by controlling what goes into them. thats how i like it…..  (but use store bought if you want!)

i served this with scotch fillet – but the options are endless.

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raspberry, cacao & coconut balls – refined sugar free!

so this beautiful indulgence is inspired by little birds cacao and raspberry macaroons…. theyre not identical but they are pretty close… AND in their own right, super delicious.

chuck it all in the food processor, shape them into balls and thats it.  easy eh?

this recipe makes approx 13, but once you have made them, just try and make them last more than a couple of days!!!!

they will be a family fave.

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refined sugar-free raspberry and coconut parfait

this is SO refreshing after a hearty meal and a long day.

its a bit like a smoothie, but thicker and more satisfying – it feels like pudding! (without all the nasty ingredients)

the toasted coconut chips add an earthiness and a crunch that gives this dessert (or snack) a lip smacking texture.

the coconut milk needs chilling, but once cold, this will take you 10 minutes to make (even less if you already have the toasted coconut chips waiting for you in a sealed container, from the last time you made it!  wink wink)

replace the raspberry with any fruit you like – boysenberries, blueberries, banana, mango……… whatever takes ya fancy

add chia seeds to the final product for extra texture!

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