indian spiced roasted cauliflower served with lamb rump

the lamb is actually just the “side”in this dish… i have made it with pork belly too… this dish is all about the cauliflower.

its a stand out.

something special happens to cauliflower when you roast it beyond soft – browned, crispy in parts, flavours intensify and it becomes something you just cannot get enough of.

give it a go, and i know youll want to make it again within the week.

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pan fried monkfish with garlic roasted broccoli and fennel, kale chips and a beurre blanc sauce

this is a frickin knock out.  fear of empty plate kicked in after the first bite.

the beurre blanc elevates this to next level awesome.  dont be put off by the name of the sauce – it sounds fancy, BUT follow the below directions and its easy – you cant stuff it up.

while the sauce is creamy and indulgent, its paired with the fresh broccoli, roasted fennel and kale so it doesnt get sickly or too much.  its all just a match made in …. heaven.

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roast cauli, bacon, garlic, cheese and spring onion salad

this salad is so easy to make. its sooooo tasty and full of texture. roasting cauliflower elevates the depth of flavour and sweetens it up which is perfect with the richness of the cheese and saltiness of the bacon.

i paired this beauty of a salad with a medium rare scotch fillet, but its a bloody good side dish thats going to suit pretty much anything you like.

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coconut porridge (gluten & rfs free)

this is delicious, and better than oaty porridge.  coconut flour takes this to a whole new level that you just dont get from the classic oat porridge.

even if you arent gluten free, i challenge you to try this – youll rate it so much you wont go back!   i am doing low carb at the moment, so this is a perfect breakfast for that 🙂

pair it with cream and some fresh fruit (i used mango and coconut threads)

this recipe takes 5 minutes tops so its the perfect start to any day, or even a delicious snack!

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chipotle mince with black beans

a bit of a take on chilli con carne, but i reckon its better…. this dish is full of depth and flavour, and super warming on a cold night.  with the garnishes, the dish is also fun and full of texture.

add more chilli if you love it hot (like me!) – the sour cream and garnishes will reduce the heat a little, so be a bit bold! 🙂

serve with crusty bread, or make some rice to serve.  my version pictured has lettuce since i am currently low carb.

i use black beans instead of kidney beans because black beans come with no added sugar in the can …. please check the ingredients on all your purchases! sugar gets added in, in the most unexpected and unnecessary places….!

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cacao, peanut butter & raspberry brownie

this is my take on an easy peesy refined sugar free brownie – and it only uses bananas to sweeten – no other sugar substitutes! how GOOD is that!!!

its SO simple to make (5 mins plus cook time!),  its decadent, luxurious and delicious…  crispy on the outside, soft and gooey in the centre, its just like normal brownies!  i hope you never go back to sugar laden cafe made brownies ever again!

sometimes when i am sitting on the couch after dinner watching TV, hubby playfully asks “wheres the pudding?”…. i can pretend i had it planned all along and say “gimme 5 babe!”

replace the raspberries with whatever is in season – or leave it out all together! its good either way.

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