pork, chilli, ginger & lime stirfry with lime mayonnaise

my biggest issue with stirfrys is that there is no variety of flavour – everything is covered in the same sauce. so i decided to tackle the problem……….. and matched this stirfry with a creamy lime zest mayo.

and boy, it all came together with perfection.

this is an awesome recipe, flavour packed and nutritious.

now cause i am low carb, i didnt serve it with rice.  but that would be a perfect addition.

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middle eastern chicken salad, with tahini dressing

im always on the hunt for new salad ideas…. i know i have to eat lots of fresh veges to be healthy … but honestly, im just not a big fan of one dimensional salads that you eat because you have to.  it makes veges a chore rather than a joy.  it doesnt have to be that way.

im on a mission to make healthy and nutritious salads…. but to slam dunk it on the flavour too.

this is one of those salads.  flavours pop so much in this dish, you may not even recognise it as a salad.

in fact, dont even tell your kidlings its a salad – they might get the wrong idea.

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