roast cauliflower & blue cheese soup, with crispy bacon, crispy kale & toasted hazelnuts

yes, soup can be a little boring.  this one is NOT.   pure decadence – the creaminess of the soup balances perfectly with the saltiness of the bacon, freshness of the kale and creme fraiche, and earthiness of the nuts.

i didnt serve any bread with this – its filling enough.  i used the crispy bacon as “dipping sticks” and it was gorgeous.  but if you do want the soup to go further, definitely serve with bread on the side.

i recommend taking your time roasting the cauliflower with a low temperature oven – it extracts more depth of flavour – but if you are in a rush, drive the oven up to 180deg… just know that a little flavour will be lost in the process.


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roast cauli, bacon, garlic, cheese and spring onion salad

this salad is so easy to make. its sooooo tasty and full of texture. roasting cauliflower elevates the depth of flavour and sweetens it up which is perfect with the richness of the cheese and saltiness of the bacon.

i paired this beauty of a salad with a medium rare scotch fillet, but its a bloody good side dish thats going to suit pretty much anything you like.

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peanut butter & cacao bliss balls

i do a boot camp 5 mornings a week, and our trainer has two favourites (… that i know of) – chocolate and peanut butter.  this recipe was a happy birthday treat….. we all got some of it though!  i couldnt give it ALL away!

this is great as an after dinner snack to help with the pudding cravings, to help with the mid morning or mid afternoon slump period, or a protein hit after a gym session.

or……………………. maybe you dont need a reason at all.

get into it.   its easy to make, AND its a healthy snack that tastes awesome.

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bad-ass jerk chicken

ah, jerk chicken… the name just doesnt really seem to justify just how awesome this bad boy is….

its not for the faint hearted – its spicy, strong and smacks you across the jawbone with flavour and intensity.

and thats just why i love it.  my husband would self confess that he doesnt often come up with the dinner ideas but when i do leave it up to him, the choice is always……

jerk chicken.

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The best baked Mexican burritos ever

i looooooooooooooove mexican food! so much freshness, explosion of flavour, coriander (ok YUM) and chilli.

this is my go to burrito recipe – i bake them after assembling to blast some extra heat into them, and to crisp up the tortilla… adds some texture (and means it takes me an extra few minutes to eat… otherwise it would be all over in a few minutes!)

i am almost loathe to publish this recipe because its so good, it shouldnt be free! but its far too good to keep secret….
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