roasted broccoli, fennel & aged cheddar soup with pork fillet, hazelnuts & kale chips

not much beats a hot satisfying soup on a cool wintry evening.  best consumed in front of a roaring fire (ours is a gas fire… does that count?)

this one is deliciously rich, with an added tastiness that comes from the aged cheddar. the kale chips creme fraiche and hazelnuts cut through the decadence of the soup providing a beautifully balanced meal.

cut the pork out of it if you want – this just appeases my husband and the inevitable question “wheres the meat?” haha.  with that said, the pork is awesome with this soup.

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harissa chicken, with mango, roasted carrot, feta and spinach

harissa is a beautifully balanced spicy paste with garlic, chilli, roasted red capsicum and spices.  its absolutely delicious.

in this dish harissa is used as a marinade for the chicken.  the spiciness of the chicken balances beautifully with the sweetness from the mango, and the warmth, savoury notes of the roasted carrot.

this salad feels gourmet, its bound to please but its really really easy to make – especially if you buy yourself a really good harissa paste…. look at the ingredients and make sure they are as pure as possible.  you should know every ingredient that goes into it! i use sabato.

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moroccan lamb with roast carrots, haloumi and mint mayonnaise

this is a delicious salad!  enough said……….

nah, i cant actually help myself….   mint is always a hit with lamb, in this recipe mint ends up in the homemade mayonnaise.  the earthiness and slight chilli hit of the lamb is perfect with the sweet roasted carrot, and yea, i just love hot cheese………… who doesnt?

making mayo is slightly technical, BUT well worth the reward of making it at home.  its much tastier and doesnt have a shit load of additives.  it also gets super quick to make as you master the talent.

if you dont want to make your own, use store bought mayo – i recommend best foods.

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pork steak with fennel and apple remoulade

well this is away from my usual intensity of flavour, but its definitely not short of flavour.

there is a huge hit of freshness with the fennel and apple combination, the crisp texture of the salad balances beautifully with the rich tenderness of a pork steak.

perfect for a weekday evening, its a quick and easy recipe to do, especially if you have a julienne slicer to do the apple and fennel for you (like i do).

you will sound fancy calling it a remoulade, go with it 🙂

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beef burgers, kumara chips & aioli

so burgers are just favourites the world over, arent they? no exception at my house.  this is my go to recipe and they are so simple, but SO much better than what you will get from any takeaway.

the kumara chips are a healthier version to your regular hot potato chips – not only nutritious they are so delicious with the home made aioli.  give making your own aioli a go – its so much better than the bought stuff which is so full of preservative and other shit.

for an extra special treat, and this is sooooooooooooooooo naughty (i blame my brother for this one), drain the bacon fat from the cooked streaky bacon and add it to some butter.  spread the butter on your burger buns when putting it together ….. told you it was naughty!!!

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moroccan chicken, with basil, grilled apricot, mozzarella, toasted almonds and sugar snap peas

a roaring success.  this is easy to put together and wham bam, thank you mam, the flavour will suggest otherwise ….

the key to success on this baby is the strength of marinade in the chicken – depth is created with the touch of chilli, cinnamon and ginger, all balanced stunningly with my usual marinade faves – garlic, cumin, coriander …..

the grilled apricots match perfectly…. each bite of chicken will have you craving a slice of apricot to be on the fork too………………. so get into it.

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