kumara (sweet potato), ginger & lime soup with kimchi & chopped almonds (gf, df)

this is a unique soup… i first tried something like it at the beautiful Aro-ha wellness retreat.

i was so inspired by the depth of flavour – the sweetness of the kumara, with the tanginess of the citrus, balanced by the heat of the ginger.  it blew me away and i had to replicate it.

this is a bloody good effort – it satisfied all my cravings for a repeat.

a very easy recipe – throw it together, itll taste like you were in the kitchen for hours.

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chipotle mince with black beans

a bit of a take on chilli con carne, but i reckon its better…. this dish is full of depth and flavour, and super warming on a cold night.  with the garnishes, the dish is also fun and full of texture.

add more chilli if you love it hot (like me!) – the sour cream and garnishes will reduce the heat a little, so be a bit bold! 🙂

serve with crusty bread, or make some rice to serve.  my version pictured has lettuce since i am currently low carb.

i use black beans instead of kidney beans because black beans come with no added sugar in the can …. please check the ingredients on all your purchases! sugar gets added in, in the most unexpected and unnecessary places….!

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peanut butter & cacao bliss balls

i do a boot camp 5 mornings a week, and our trainer has two favourites (… that i know of) – chocolate and peanut butter.  this recipe was a happy birthday treat….. we all got some of it though!  i couldnt give it ALL away!

this is great as an after dinner snack to help with the pudding cravings, to help with the mid morning or mid afternoon slump period, or a protein hit after a gym session.

or……………………. maybe you dont need a reason at all.

get into it.   its easy to make, AND its a healthy snack that tastes awesome.

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bad-ass jerk chicken

ah, jerk chicken… the name just doesnt really seem to justify just how awesome this bad boy is….

its not for the faint hearted – its spicy, strong and smacks you across the jawbone with flavour and intensity.

and thats just why i love it.  my husband would self confess that he doesnt often come up with the dinner ideas but when i do leave it up to him, the choice is always……

jerk chicken.

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The best baked Mexican burritos ever

i looooooooooooooove mexican food! so much freshness, explosion of flavour, coriander (ok YUM) and chilli.

this is my go to burrito recipe – i bake them after assembling to blast some extra heat into them, and to crisp up the tortilla… adds some texture (and means it takes me an extra few minutes to eat… otherwise it would be all over in a few minutes!)

i am almost loathe to publish this recipe because its so good, it shouldnt be free! but its far too good to keep secret….
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indian inspired meatball wraps, with coriander guacamole, and… other stuff

this might seem a wee bit like a cuisine clash (it is!!!) traditionally I am not big on that….however, i reckon it works (maybe it’s the coriander that ties the meatballs & guac together).

this is just a fun dish to eat and gets everyone involved.  its fun making your own wraps, and choosing the ratio of ingredients per wrap. just make sure one person doesnt take all the meatballs…………………….  🙂

these meatballs are so tightly packed with flavour that its hard to stop after you have had number one (…. just ask my fam!)

in addition to the below recipe, you could include a garlic yoghurt (plain yoghurt with crushed garlic & salt)… and experiment with the wrap fillings – whatever takes ya fancy!  yum!

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raw cacao & coconut cheesecake (the “bounty” cheesecake)

inspired by the bounty chocolate bar, you get all the good flavours without any of the bad stuff.

if you are a chocolate fan, this ones for you.  the coconut provides just enough relief to chomp down on the next bite, and the next, and the next………

this ones a crowd pleaser, for sure

while its easy to make, you do need to plan in advance in order to soak the cashews.  use a springform tin 17cm x 22cm, or smaller if you want a higher cheesecake!

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pistachio crusted tuna steak, with fennel, lime, ginger aioli remoulade & fresh mint

i love experimenting with fresh tuna – its just a decadent tasting, fresh fish that because of its meatiness, pairs so well with robust flavours…

the pistachio is a take on the traditional sesame crust thats so often paired with tuna, taking the tuna in a new direction that so beautifully goes with the lime and ginger kick.

fresh mint is a must to cut through the richness of the aioli … if you dont have mint, use some fresh basil.

if you dont have inclination, or dont want to make the mayonnaise, get a good store bought one, and add the lime zest, ginger and crushed garlic to that.  just know that it won’t be as good!

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cacao, peanut butter & raspberry brownie

this is my take on an easy peesy refined sugar free brownie – and it only uses bananas to sweeten – no other sugar substitutes! how GOOD is that!!!

its SO simple to make (5 mins plus cook time!),  its decadent, luxurious and delicious…  crispy on the outside, soft and gooey in the centre, its just like normal brownies!  i hope you never go back to sugar laden cafe made brownies ever again!

sometimes when i am sitting on the couch after dinner watching TV, hubby playfully asks “wheres the pudding?”…. i can pretend i had it planned all along and say “gimme 5 babe!”

replace the raspberries with whatever is in season – or leave it out all together! its good either way.

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chipotle chicken wraps, with avocado, lettuce & tomato (a wee bit mexican :-))

this is a go to dinner i make when im a bit short of time, or my creative juices arent flowing. its delicious and healthy. the leftovers are also super good for lunch the next day!

i serve the chipotle chicken mixture with avocado, tomato, lettuce and cheese but the beauty of this recipe, is you can pick your own garnishes based on what you fancy…. fresh corn kernels are excellent too!

this will take you 30 mins to chuck together, its a great weekday meal and you dont have to compromise on taste!

the kids and the hubby will love it……….. and ask for it again and again………..

ps reduce the chillis if its not as popular in your house! (4 chipotle chillis as per this recipe makes it a bit on the hot side!)

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