bacon & cheese keto muffins

we are having unseasonably cold weather in new zealand… so much for a strong start to spring!  im making the most of staying inside by creating these delicious bites.

you cant get a much better match than cheese and bacon … made for each other – both flavours in these muffins are strong and satisfying.

so easy to make, all ingredients go in a bowl and come together using a hand mixer or food processer.  then 15mins later they are ready to eat! whhaaaaatttt!!!

get into it… they are a favourite in my house, even for those who are not keto!

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banana bread (gf, rsf)

this is delicious! i tried to have a small portion as a treat now and again, but that was blown out the window.

unless you are ok with this being made and gone on the same day, only the very self controlled should consider baking this dish.

its gluten free yes, but its better than the versions that include flour.  serve with melted butter, its an absolute banger.

while my current diet strictly doesnt allow bananas, the only carbs in this is from the banana so approx 4g of carb per slice… thats ok in moderation i reckon.

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cacao, peanut butter & raspberry brownie

this is my take on an easy peesy refined sugar free brownie – and it only uses bananas to sweeten – no other sugar substitutes! how GOOD is that!!!

its SO simple to make (5 mins plus cook time!),  its decadent, luxurious and delicious…  crispy on the outside, soft and gooey in the centre, its just like normal brownies!  i hope you never go back to sugar laden cafe made brownies ever again!

sometimes when i am sitting on the couch after dinner watching TV, hubby playfully asks “wheres the pudding?”…. i can pretend i had it planned all along and say “gimme 5 babe!”

replace the raspberries with whatever is in season – or leave it out all together! its good either way.

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smoked beef fillet, with asian style broth, kelp noodles and fresh veges

well, this is not only an absolutely delicious dish with heaps of flavour and textures, but its also heaps of fun.

i pre-prepared all the ingredients, and served them buffet style… it made the meal super interactive, promoting lots of conversations… and ultimately meant my guests could help themselves to what they wanted, and the quantity of each ingredient they wanted.

there is a bit of prep in the broth, but once its in the pot it just simmers happily for a couple of hours.

the beef is stunning – a quick sear of the whole eye fillet and set aside in the freezer for a couple of hours to slice later…  it does the rest of its cooking in the broth later on.  i smoked it which gave the whole dish an extra depth of flavor but you dont have to, OR use smoke essence and avoid the nuisance of going through the smoking process.

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lamb with grilled peach, rocket, mozzarella, pinenut & almond salad with rockin mint pesto

just brilliant. this salad will change your life.

I promise you:

  • sweetness from the grilled peaches,
  • balanced by pepper from the rocket,
  • paired with toastiness from the nuts,
  • contrasted by the creaminess of cheese,
  • all in harmony with the tenderness of the lamb,
  • and a flavour punch from the mint pesto

this will drive you crazy….

and you will want it for dinner the next evening too.

do it.

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snickers bliss balls

my lifestyle has changed a lot over the last few years…. it all started with watching “that sugar film“, which led to more research…

finding out how much our bodies don’t like refined sugar was life altering.

giving up on refined sugar doesn’t mean that i miss out on yummy things – in fact, cutting out sugar means all the stuff i used to think were mediocre, have gone and taken on a completely new lifeform.

here is a favourite snack of mine – bliss balls are SUPER expensive in cafes…. make them at a fraction of the price, chuck them in the fridge and they will last for ages!

you can modify recipes as much as you like – use different nuts, remove the cacao – add dates or dried apricots instead of maple syrup.  experiment!

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