aztec super seed salad with avocado & fresh lime (gf, rsf, keto, paleo)

this salad is inspired by one of the best salads i have ever had – at chi wah wah down christchurch’s terrace.  i had to try and remake it!

fresh fresh fresh, with loads of texture…the creaminess of the avocado pairs beautifully with the sour, salty asian style dressing.

high in vitamins, antioxidants and omega 3 to name only a few, this salad is a fully balanced meal in its self!

super easy to make, and it maintains its crunchy texture for a couple days after (if you manage to hold back and save some for day two!)

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indian spiced roasted cauliflower served with lamb rump

the lamb is actually just the “side”in this dish… i have made it with pork belly too… this dish is all about the cauliflower.

its a stand out.

something special happens to cauliflower when you roast it beyond soft – browned, crispy in parts, flavours intensify and it becomes something you just cannot get enough of.

give it a go, and i know youll want to make it again within the week.

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pork, chilli, ginger & lime stirfry with lime mayonnaise

my biggest issue with stirfrys is that there is no variety of flavour – everything is covered in the same sauce. so i decided to tackle the problem……….. and matched this stirfry with a creamy lime zest mayo.

and boy, it all came together with perfection.

this is an awesome recipe, flavour packed and nutritious.

now cause i am low carb, i didnt serve it with rice.  but that would be a perfect addition.

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bad-ass jerk chicken

ah, jerk chicken… the name just doesnt really seem to justify just how awesome this bad boy is….

its not for the faint hearted – its spicy, strong and smacks you across the jawbone with flavour and intensity.

and thats just why i love it.  my husband would self confess that he doesnt often come up with the dinner ideas but when i do leave it up to him, the choice is always……

jerk chicken.

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udon noodle broth, smoked pork, slow egg, chilli oil (inspired by a.baker – canberra)

i didn’t get to eat the original dish myself.  the recommendation came from my husband. i then checked out what a.baker’s website said about the dish – the rest was up to me.

my result (photo posted) was amazing, actually incredible – heaps of flavour, super fresh, the smoked pork gives it great depth and there’s heaps of texture.  every spoonful was heaven.

don’t be put off by the ingredient list – the broth is easy, it’s a set and forget kinda broth.

the toughest bit of the recipe was trying to do 63 deg eggs on gas, but i found the right balance of “pot off the element” to not have to watch it like a hawk.  if you don’t have the patience for this, just do poached eggs!  the best thing about 63 deg eggs is the texture – but if you do poached eggs, flavour won’t be impacted.

give it a go!  recipe follows.

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