peanut butter & cacao bliss balls

i do a boot camp 5 mornings a week, and our trainer has two favourites (… that i know of) – chocolate and peanut butter.  this recipe was a happy birthday treat….. we all got some of it though!  i couldnt give it ALL away!

this is great as an after dinner snack to help with the pudding cravings, to help with the mid morning or mid afternoon slump period, or a protein hit after a gym session.

or……………………. maybe you dont need a reason at all.

get into it.   its easy to make, AND its a healthy snack that tastes awesome.

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raspberry, cacao & coconut balls – refined sugar free!

so this beautiful indulgence is inspired by little birds cacao and raspberry macaroons…. theyre not identical but they are pretty close… AND in their own right, super delicious.

chuck it all in the food processor, shape them into balls and thats it.  easy eh?

this recipe makes approx 13, but once you have made them, just try and make them last more than a couple of days!!!!

they will be a family fave.

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bangin’ terakihi ceviche, with kumara chips

its just bullshit that only the bad stuff tastes good…

but if you DO believe it, don’t just listen to my words…  allow me to change your mind with this dish

inspired by mexican style ingredients, this dish feels clean to eat, and clean in your gut.  its super filling, good enough for a main (but its also a great starter!), and the intense flavours, perfectly balanced (of course), will sizzle your tongue

and………… best of all, you just can’t feel guilty in ANY way for indulging.   thats always good eh 🙂

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