fish ‘n’ chips with homemade tartare sauce & spicy greens (keto!)

i had a craving for good ole fashioned fish and chips, but with my low carb diet, those traditional potato chips and the fish batter just werent going to fly.  dammit!!!

but it didnt turn out to be much of a sacrifice…  i adapted, and produced this stunner of a dish.

it blew away the cravings…. and the family didnt even miss the original!

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indian inspired meatball wraps, with coriander guacamole, and… other stuff

this might seem a wee bit like a cuisine clash (it is!!!) traditionally I am not big on that….however, i reckon it works (maybe it’s the coriander that ties the meatballs & guac together).

this is just a fun dish to eat and gets everyone involved.  its fun making your own wraps, and choosing the ratio of ingredients per wrap. just make sure one person doesnt take all the meatballs…………………….  🙂

these meatballs are so tightly packed with flavour that its hard to stop after you have had number one (…. just ask my fam!)

in addition to the below recipe, you could include a garlic yoghurt (plain yoghurt with crushed garlic & salt)… and experiment with the wrap fillings – whatever takes ya fancy!  yum!

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bangin’ terakihi ceviche, with kumara chips

its just bullshit that only the bad stuff tastes good…

but if you DO believe it, don’t just listen to my words…  allow me to change your mind with this dish

inspired by mexican style ingredients, this dish feels clean to eat, and clean in your gut.  its super filling, good enough for a main (but its also a great starter!), and the intense flavours, perfectly balanced (of course), will sizzle your tongue

and………… best of all, you just can’t feel guilty in ANY way for indulging.   thats always good eh 🙂

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