pan fried groper, with garlic butter, lime and toasted almond greens, with chilli mayo

this meal has that decadent feeling to it…

the rich buttery sauce that comes from the pan fried fish, is balanced by the citrus from the lime.  texture comes from the green beans, sugar snap peas which are only warmed, rather than cooked through … a toastiness comes from the sliced almonds.

with chilli mayo on the side, its your choice how much spice you want to bring to the plate.

use any kind of fish for this dish… its the flavours that will make you want to cook it again, and again, and again….

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kumara (sweet potato), ginger & lime soup with kimchi & chopped almonds (gf, df)

this is a unique soup… i first tried something like it at the beautiful Aro-ha wellness retreat.

i was so inspired by the depth of flavour – the sweetness of the kumara, with the tanginess of the citrus, balanced by the heat of the ginger.  it blew me away and i had to replicate it.

this is a bloody good effort – it satisfied all my cravings for a repeat.

a very easy recipe – throw it together, itll taste like you were in the kitchen for hours.

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dahl, with cashew aioli and toasted almonds

this dish is perfectly comforting on a cooler evening… choose the level of chilli kick you like… the intensity of flavour from everything else regardless will have you salivating.

the cashew aioli needs a little pre-thought (the nuts need soaking for at least 4 hrs) but everything else comes together in 30mins.

the depth of flavour that comes from the dahl, is beautifully complemented by the cooling aioli, the almonds bring texture – altogether a satisfying and nutritious meal.

if you or the family are not sure about lentils, or havent enjoyed them in the past, this may be the dish to change your mind!

give it a crack.

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five spice chicken, avocado & macadamia salad with confit garlic mayo (keto)

this salad is inspired by one i tried at vault 21 in dunedin, new zealand.

the flavours were just incredible, its a salad on steroids – so i knew i had to try my hand at replicating it.

and this is perfect – just like the original.   there is no doubt itll make an impact at your table!

its easy to make.  the effort is in the confit garlic mayo, but please.. pretty please, please make it yourself… the flavour cant be replicated by store bought mayo… i promise itll be worth it and the fam will be impressed!

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fish ‘n’ chips with homemade tartare sauce & spicy greens (keto!)

i had a craving for good ole fashioned fish and chips, but with my low carb diet, those traditional potato chips and the fish batter just werent going to fly.  dammit!!!

but it didnt turn out to be much of a sacrifice…  i adapted, and produced this stunner of a dish.

it blew away the cravings…. and the family didnt even miss the original!

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mexican chicken thighs, with chipotle slaw, avocado & fresh coriander

mexican is a favourite in our house… this dish is bursting with flavour and any heat from the chipotle or mexican seasoning is tamed by the avocado (cheese & sour cream – optional)…

this recipe is a great weeknight option – its nutritious, full of vege, good fats and protein… and the best part – from start to finish, its only a 20 minute ordeal.

part of the efficiency is due to the use of two pre-prepared ingredients (slaw and seasoning)….  now i am not usually a huge supporter of this option BUT these are ones i trust because they dont have any ingredients i dont know… and thats always a good sign!

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pork, chilli, ginger & lime stirfry with lime mayonnaise

my biggest issue with stirfrys is that there is no variety of flavour – everything is covered in the same sauce. so i decided to tackle the problem……….. and matched this stirfry with a creamy lime zest mayo.

and boy, it all came together with perfection.

this is an awesome recipe, flavour packed and nutritious.

now cause i am low carb, i didnt serve it with rice.  but that would be a perfect addition.

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chipotle mince with black beans

a bit of a take on chilli con carne, but i reckon its better…. this dish is full of depth and flavour, and super warming on a cold night.  with the garnishes, the dish is also fun and full of texture.

add more chilli if you love it hot (like me!) – the sour cream and garnishes will reduce the heat a little, so be a bit bold! 🙂

serve with crusty bread, or make some rice to serve.  my version pictured has lettuce since i am currently low carb.

i use black beans instead of kidney beans because black beans come with no added sugar in the can …. please check the ingredients on all your purchases! sugar gets added in, in the most unexpected and unnecessary places….!

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magical mexican beef short ribs

well, braised meat is super satisfying on a cold evening… couple that with the intensity that comes with mexican spices and its a killer combo.

the gravy in this dish is earthy, spicy and mouth watering.  it takes 20mins to prep and get into the oven, and then 2 hours to cook… its such a short period of hands on time for extraordinary flavour…

its hard not to overeat on this kind of dish, but believe me, the flavours develop overnight and its definitely worth saving some of the leftovers for lunch the next day!

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The best baked Mexican burritos ever

i looooooooooooooove mexican food! so much freshness, explosion of flavour, coriander (ok YUM) and chilli.

this is my go to burrito recipe – i bake them after assembling to blast some extra heat into them, and to crisp up the tortilla… adds some texture (and means it takes me an extra few minutes to eat… otherwise it would be all over in a few minutes!)

i am almost loathe to publish this recipe because its so good, it shouldnt be free! but its far too good to keep secret….
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