mushroom mole, with guacamole and crispy corn tortillas (vegan, gf)

this dish is inspired by another meal i had at the beautiful aro-ha retreat… the mushroom mole i had one evening meal on the retreat blew my mind, and i had to give it a go!

this is full of flavour, the guacamole balances with the heat of the mole beautifully.  i decided to bake the tortillas in the oven in order to get a nice crispy corn chip… they gave texture to the dish and also added a bit of fun to eating the meal.

the kids will love it.  the whole family will love it. and they will NOT miss the meat.  (just dont tell them)….

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dahl, with cashew aioli and toasted almonds

this dish is perfectly comforting on a cooler evening… choose the level of chilli kick you like… the intensity of flavour from everything else regardless will have you salivating.

the cashew aioli needs a little pre-thought (the nuts need soaking for at least 4 hrs) but everything else comes together in 30mins.

the depth of flavour that comes from the dahl, is beautifully complemented by the cooling aioli, the almonds bring texture – altogether a satisfying and nutritious meal.

if you or the family are not sure about lentils, or havent enjoyed them in the past, this may be the dish to change your mind!

give it a crack.

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cajun chicken, garlic & bacon brussel sprouts, with kale chips & lemon mayo

i thought this would be a great meal, but nothing prepared me for just how great it would be.  i had empty plate syndrome as i took my last few bits of that spicy cajun chicken, covered in the creamy and zesty mayo.

mmmhmmm……. so good.

brussel sprouts are actually good….. contrary to the belief of those who grew up with their mums boiling the shit out of them.  in this recipe, with garlic butter & bacon, they are incredible.

the kale chips add a delicious crunch and the lemon mayo takes the whole lot to a new level of excellence.

im salivating writing this, so i may just have to remake this tonight………

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magical mexican beef short ribs

well, braised meat is super satisfying on a cold evening… couple that with the intensity that comes with mexican spices and its a killer combo.

the gravy in this dish is earthy, spicy and mouth watering.  it takes 20mins to prep and get into the oven, and then 2 hours to cook… its such a short period of hands on time for extraordinary flavour…

its hard not to overeat on this kind of dish, but believe me, the flavours develop overnight and its definitely worth saving some of the leftovers for lunch the next day!

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chipotle chicken wraps, with avocado, lettuce & tomato (a wee bit mexican :-))

this is a go to dinner i make when im a bit short of time, or my creative juices arent flowing. its delicious and healthy. the leftovers are also super good for lunch the next day!

i serve the chipotle chicken mixture with avocado, tomato, lettuce and cheese but the beauty of this recipe, is you can pick your own garnishes based on what you fancy…. fresh corn kernels are excellent too!

this will take you 30 mins to chuck together, its a great weekday meal and you dont have to compromise on taste!

the kids and the hubby will love it……….. and ask for it again and again………..

ps reduce the chillis if its not as popular in your house! (4 chipotle chillis as per this recipe makes it a bit on the hot side!)

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spicy chicken kebabs with watermelon, mint, gouda, tamari almonds, and rocket salad

bloody hell, this was a beautiful dish…

the chilli kick of the chicken fires up savagely in your mouth, but is quickly extinguished by the cool and crisp of the watermelon. the nuttiness and creaminess of the gouda cheese, is matched perfectly by the salty almonds…..  and right there alongside it, the mint brings an explosion of palate cleansing freshness.

this is an absolute favourite, it will be yours too.

option: if you don’t have access to soy (tamari) almonds, use toasted almonds and replace the gouda with feta – youll get the same balance of flavours!

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