raspberry, cacao & coconut balls – refined sugar free!

so this beautiful indulgence is inspired by little birds cacao and raspberry macaroons…. theyre not identical but they are pretty close… AND in their own right, super delicious.

chuck it all in the food processor, shape them into balls and thats it.  easy eh?

this recipe makes approx 13, but once you have made them, just try and make them last more than a couple of days!!!!

they will be a family fave.

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refined sugar-free raspberry and coconut parfait

this is SO refreshing after a hearty meal and a long day.

its a bit like a smoothie, but thicker and more satisfying – it feels like pudding! (without all the nasty ingredients)

the toasted coconut chips add an earthiness and a crunch that gives this dessert (or snack) a lip smacking texture.

the coconut milk needs chilling, but once cold, this will take you 10 minutes to make (even less if you already have the toasted coconut chips waiting for you in a sealed container, from the last time you made it!  wink wink)

replace the raspberry with any fruit you like – boysenberries, blueberries, banana, mango……… whatever takes ya fancy

add chia seeds to the final product for extra texture!

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snickers bliss balls

my lifestyle has changed a lot over the last few years…. it all started with watching “that sugar film“, which led to more research…

finding out how much our bodies don’t like refined sugar was life altering.

giving up on refined sugar doesn’t mean that i miss out on yummy things – in fact, cutting out sugar means all the stuff i used to think were mediocre, have gone and taken on a completely new lifeform.

here is a favourite snack of mine – bliss balls are SUPER expensive in cafes…. make them at a fraction of the price, chuck them in the fridge and they will last for ages!

you can modify recipes as much as you like – use different nuts, remove the cacao – add dates or dried apricots instead of maple syrup.  experiment!

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