bacon & cheese keto muffins

we are having unseasonably cold weather in new zealand… so much for a strong start to spring!  im making the most of staying inside by creating these delicious bites.

you cant get a much better match than cheese and bacon … made for each other – both flavours in these muffins are strong and satisfying.

so easy to make, all ingredients go in a bowl and come together using a hand mixer or food processer.  then 15mins later they are ready to eat! whhaaaaatttt!!!

get into it… they are a favourite in my house, even for those who are not keto!

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coconut porridge (gluten & rfs free)

this is delicious, and better than oaty porridge.  coconut flour takes this to a whole new level that you just dont get from the classic oat porridge.

even if you arent gluten free, i challenge you to try this – youll rate it so much you wont go back!   i am doing low carb at the moment, so this is a perfect breakfast for that 🙂

pair it with cream and some fresh fruit (i used mango and coconut threads)

this recipe takes 5 minutes tops so its the perfect start to any day, or even a delicious snack!

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